Horrible messaging is bad for national security

For over a year, anyone with a mobile phone in Korea has had to put up with spam text messages from Korea’s Ministry of Public Safety and Security (국민안전처). I thought it was wise to have such an emergency system considering that I live about 30km from the DMZ (boarder with the North), unfortunately this ministry found a way to make such an emergency system less effective.

5 min read

[How To] Volatility Memory Analysis Building Linux Kernel Profiles

Memory foreniscs in Linux is not very easy. The reason is because the Linux kernel changes data structures and debug symbols often. Users can also easily modify and compile their own custom kernels. If we want to analize Linux memory using Volatility, we have to find or create linux profiles for the version of Linux that we are trying to analize. Linux profile creation for Volatility is not that difficult. The documentation claims that Volatility will support profile sharing in the future, which should make Linux support much easier.

~1 min read

Using Autopsy 4 to export file metadata

Autopsy 4 is a very powerful digital forensic investigation tool. Today, we are going to extract file and meta-data from a disk image (mobile phone) to use in external programs. We also briefly introduce Autopsy’s timeline feature.

~1 min read