Koreas first step to globalization through ODT

ZDNet Korea reports that the South Korean government is making a first-step to shift from the proprietary Hangul Word Processor (HWP) file format (.hwp) to the Open Document Format (ODF). To understand why this is such a big deal, you first need to understand that HWP is part of the national identity. It is/was a government sponsored monopoly. Even schoolchildren were reminded that it’s their duty to buy HWP. They must have a valid license(s) (because no other word processor is acceptable). The format is proprietary, and no other word processor can read it. Microsoft released a HWP2DOC converter. Government organizations were forced to use HWP, and businesses where “encouraged” strongly.

5 min read

Password Cracking Test Data

Here are some files to test your password cracking skills. All of them can be done in less than a few hours with CPU-based cracking. You can download the file and practice hash extraction + cracking, or just download the hashes directly.

~1 min read