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Ever wonder how to be accepted to a conference? Today we talk about different types of tech conferences, and how to get started both attending and giving presentations at conferences.

Attending conferences in any field is an important way to grow in the community. That is especially true for information security and digital forensics since these communities are built on trust.

We give an overview of different types of conferences, conference fees, and the benefits of presenting at conferences. Everyone has something interesting to contribute.

If you’ve been thinking about presenting at a conference, go for it! Most communities are very helpful and encouraging for new presenters.

If you just want to attend and not present, be sure to still meet as many people as possible. The digital forensics community is very open and supportive to newcomers. Ask for support (but don’t be pushy) and you will find support.

Also, find @DFIRScience at a conference for free stickers! 2022-04-11 to 2022-04-13 we will be at the Magnet Summit 2022 in TN, USA. Come find us for free stickers!