DFIR Science, LLC provides digital forensic and information security consulting services worldwide. Contact us with your project description. We can quote hourly, project-based, and by retainer.

We offer custom training services related to digital forensic investigation and information security. If you or your organization need customized in-person or online training, please contact us.

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Digital Forensic Services

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Our lab is equipped to handle most types of digital forensic investigation and information security configuration needs.

  • Digital Forensic Imaging
    • Computer Hard Drive Imaging
    • Mobile Device Imaging
    • On-Scene Imaging / Live Data Forensics
    • Database Imaging or Selective Copy
    • Cloud and Email Forensic Acquisition
    • Remote Forensic Acquisition
  • Digital Forensic Analysis
    • Computer Forensic Investigation
    • Mobile Device Forensic Investigation
    • Cloud Forensic Investigation
  • Expert Witness and Expert Testimony

Information Security Services

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  • Email security assessment and remediation
  • General computer network security assessments and recommendations
  • Forensic readiness/incident response readiness assessment and recommendations
  • Personal computer cleaning and security check

Other Services

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  • Digital Forensic Training
    • Online and in-person training customized to your organization’s needs.
  • General Data Recovery
    • Computers, mobile devices, USB sticks, external hard drives, digital cameras, CCTV, etc
  • Software Development
    • Develop custom parsers for specific data types
  • Research
    • Research and produce a findings report on specific topics in digital forensics and information security
  • Blog Posts / White Papers / Tutorial Videos
    • Produce content on specific topics related to digital forensics and information security
  • Cryptocurrency investigation


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