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RE: Read-Only Loopback to Physical Disk

2 minute read

A reader sent a very informative email in reply to this single about Read-Only Loopback Devices.

REAPERlive Change Log - 7 Jan 2010

less than 1 minute read

Change Log - 7 Jan 2010REAPERliveMajor Revision-Remove need for 2 drives.-Temp remove OCFA processing. -Add Ability to partition REAPERlive storage drive aut...

REAPERlive Major Revision in Progress

1 minute read

REAPERlive is being revamped. An effort to clean up and standardize a lot of the code is going on. This first part of the project will allow REAPERlive to:1)...

REAPER Preview POC Mentioned

less than 1 minute read

The REAPER Preview Proof of Concept was mentioned on nukeitdotorg!Also an updated version of REAPERlive that can be imaged directly to any USB hard drive (wi...