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Cybercrime Technologies Philosophy

1 minute read

Cybercrime Technologies was founded on the principal that the level of competent, quality digital investigations should not be based on the budget of the pra...

RE: Read-Only Loopback to Physical Disk

2 minute read

A reader sent a very informative email in reply to this single about Read-Only Loopback Devices.

REAPERlive Change Log - 7 Jan 2010

less than 1 minute read

Change Log - 7 Jan 2010REAPERliveMajor Revision-Remove need for 2 drives.-Temp remove OCFA processing. -Add Ability to partition REAPERlive storage drive aut...

REAPERlive Major Revision in Progress

1 minute read

REAPERlive is being revamped. An effort to clean up and standardize a lot of the code is going on. This first part of the project will allow REAPERlive to:1)...

REAPER Preview POC Mentioned

less than 1 minute read

The REAPER Preview Proof of Concept was mentioned on nukeitdotorg!Also an updated version of REAPERlive that can be imaged directly to any USB hard drive (wi...

How to detect when OCFA is done processing

1 minute read

As emailed to be by Jochen:I think it is possible to detect completion of the process, even if it is not that simple, due to the distributed nature of OCFA. ...