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Installing OCFA 2.3.X with FIVES

2 minute read

In this single we will be installing OCFA 2.3.0 rc4 on Debian Squeeze (6)I will be following the documentation from:

Building FIVES Porndetect Image and Video

1 minute read

Installation of FIVES Porndetect was relatively painless on Debian Squeeze (Lenny is a bit of a pain).First get the F_PORNDETECT.doc from the FIVES portal. T...

Debian Live X Only

less than 1 minute read

Looking for a lighter way to run REAPER Preview, we are looking into an X only kiosk-type implementation, al la: looking...

Converting Parallels Disks to Raw on OS X

1 minute read

Update: See the forensic focus article: I have had pr...

Profile Based Digital Forensic Preview

2 minute read

The newest build of REAPER Preview (officially Alpha 2) includes quite a few changes, but one that I am especially excited about is Profile Based Preivew. Fi...