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See the challenge page for more information:

Submission deadline: May 30, 2014

Mobile Malware Analysis
The overall goal of this challenge is to raise the state of the art in digital forensic practice by providing an open public venue for a best-of-breed competition. We challenge contestants to demonstrate effective methods and to develop open source tools for analyzing mobile malware. The winner will be announced in August at the DFRWS USA 2014 conference in Denver, CO.

Some examples of capabilities we would like to see:

  • Extracting metadata and components
  • Decompiling mobile malware
  • Decoding data associated with mobile malware
  • Behavioral scanners running on localhost (rather than web-based services)
  • Identifying potentially malicious functions

Contestants are encouraged to select malware samples that are interesting from a forensic analysis perspective, and that exhibit many of the challenges presented by mobile malware.

Mobile malware samples can be obtained from various sources from various sources for their analysis, including http://www.malgenomeproject.org, virusshare.com, and http://contagiodump.blogspot.com. Alternately send mail to mobilemalware+subscribegooglegroups(d0t)com.

Two Types of Competition
Submissions will be grouped into two categories to encourage both practitioners and researchers/developers to participate.

Practitioners: Forensic analysis of mobile malware using existing best-of-breed methods and supporting tools. These submissions must include the malware samples that were analyzed, and documentation detailing all methods, tools and findings.

Researchers/Developers: Creation of new techniques and tools for analyzing mobile malware.

When submitting your entry to this challenge, please indicate which category you would prefer. Each team can submit only one entry, either as practitioners or researchers/developers (not both).