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International Symposium on Cybercrime Response (ISCR) 2013
When: 25 - 27th June, 2013
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Website: http://iscr.netan.go.kr/iscr2013/

The International Symposium on Cybercrime Response (ISCR) is a cybercrime-related conference held annually in Seoul, Korea. The Cyber Terror Response Center (CTRC), the division in charge of cybercrime responses in the KNPA, is organizing this year's symposium.

The ISCR started in 2000 as a forum for law enforcement agencies, government officials, academia, and various IT security experts from private sector. Every year, a theme is chosen, mainly from topics related to the latest challenges and responses of cybercrime. The Korean National Police Agency invites distinguished speakers in the disciplines of cyber security including operations, technologies, and policy strategies.

The ISCR has provided unique opportunities to meet people and share latest knowledge internationally. It is a purely non-profit event and solely sponsored by the Korean National Police. In 2012, 423 participants from 30 different countries attended the three-day-long conference.