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REAPERlive is being revamped. An effort to clean up and standardize a lot of the code is going on. This first part of the project will allow REAPERlive to:
1) Run on a single external hard-drive (rather than requiring 2)
2) No longer require the investigator have software-detectable serial numbers for their forensic drives (can now use very large flash drives, generic hard drives, etc.)
3) Automatically partition the drives during run-time (if not already partitioned)
4) Much improved automatic documentation

Other issues we are currently thinking about:
Bootable CD Rom support: How to securely detect the correct hard drive to store data?

Note: OCFA processing will be disabled until the imaging stage is back to stable. Check-out version 2 of the repository for the "original" REAPERlive code. The current version of REAPERdesktop is also now considered outdated, and should not be used until the new version is released.

Development Plan/Deliverables:
1) At different stages through this revamp REAPERlive will be released as an image (.img) file that can be written directly to a forensic hard drive. As long as you can image, you can run REAPER (no Debian box required!).
2) Soon after each image release of REAERlive, an updated REAPERdesktop iso will be released to automatically do all updated actions.