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Change Log - 7 Jan 2010

Major Revision
-Remove need for 2 drives.
-Temp remove OCFA processing.
-Add Ability to partition REAPERlive storage drive automatically on first run.

REAPERcontrol.sh v0.4 - 7/1/2010
-commented 2 drive serial numbers no serials required
-commented OCFA db password
-commented scripts running after REAPER_image
-added REAPER_partition.sh to first script to run
-checks same disk for created reaper partitions
-commented REAPERsys check
-changed REAPERevi partition to REAPERstore
-added color and pause to case name info (important info)

REAPER_detectDrive v0.4 - 7/1/2010
-commented "detect Drives" function - no longer needed
-changed detectREAPER to detect_forensic_disk
-added separate detect_suspect_disk function

REAPER_partition v0.1 - 7/1/2010
-automatically partitions REAPER USB drive with 1G SWAP and ext3 if partitions are not already created.
-REAPER_partition moved to first run position in REAPERcontrol

To Do:
REAPER_setENV needs updated to support the new single-drive structure.
REAPER_image must be checked for outdated code.
REAPER_cleanup needs to be re-implemented.