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The DFIR Science YouTube channel was nominated for the 2022 Forensic 4:cast Awards under “DFIR Show of the Year”!

THANK YOU to everyone that thought of us for nomination! This is the first time we have been nominated for a Forensic 4:cast award. I still can’t believe it!

Voting is now open to select the winner. VOTE HERE (for DFIR Science Show of the Year)

Why do we run the YouTube channel?

Because we want to help as many people as possible learn about technology, digital forensics and security. We get a lot of comments and questions like this:

YouTube comment saying thanks for the video and asking about hard disk drives.

I love helping beginners and experts find resources so they can learn and investigate better. DFIR Science videos try to suppliment other contents and provide additional context. Some people just learn better with audio/visual than text.

YouTube comment saying the video is better than their course textbook.

Nothing wrong with different learning styles. The DFIR community is good at providing resources in many different formats.

But overall we do it to help that one investigator that might be in a lab by themselves with no budget and left to “figure it out.”

YouTube comment saying thank you for the videos.

YouTube comment saying thank you for the videos.

YouTube comment saying thank you for the videos.

Knowing that we’ve helped someone is why we do it.


We are competing in the same category with the excellent 13Cubed and Cellebrite’s I Beg to DFIR. Two shows that I listen to often as well. It’s gonna be tough!

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