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In our first live stream we looked at the Tsurugi Linux utility “searchScreenshots”. It’s a useful tool, but we can make it better! There were a few features that I wish were added. These are:

  • the ability to search sub-directories, not just the root directory
  • easier management of screenshot resolutions
  • Output detected images and a report into a single directory (and specify the location)

The Tsurugi team is not currently accepting applications for new developers, but - lucky for us - they release everything under opensource licenses. searchScreenshots has a MIT license, which means we can edit it as we want, yea!

We created a GitHub repository so others can contribute (and they did. Thank you so much!). Layed out a basic development plan, and BAM. The community added new features and made the overall code much more efficient. Check out the new version of searchScreenshots here: https://github.com/DFIRScience/searchScreenshots

Next, we let the Tsurugi team known that an updated version exists, and it will probably be included in the future! It’s an easy way to contribute, and might help investigators for years to come. Awesome!

Check out the live stream below.