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Digital forensic science includes many areas of study. Gaining a background in every relevant area is difficult, if not impossible. However, all knowledge in the field needs to start with asking a question. Many students I’ve worked with, however, are even unsure about how to start asking questions.

Most of the time these students believe their questions are stupid, uninformed or generally not useful. Initially, that could be true. But having a question is a start to something great. The real challenge is taking these questions and advancing them until they are interesting, relevant and useful. But where to begin?

To answer those questions, I’m working on an introduction to research free online course. This course is a mix of reading materials and videos talking about different aspects of doing research. The course is expected to take a month to complete, or 1 week intensive. The planned outline of the course is as follows:

  1. Introduction to research thinking
  2. Research process overview
  3. Research tools and organization
  4. Reviewing and evaluating prior work
  5. Asking questions and finding answers
  6. Writing
  7. Academic publishing
  8. Conclusions

To join the course, go to Google Classroom Enter class code: 43ho97c

There you will be able to follow the lectures in a structured way, and access of the additional materials. You can follow the course on youtube. Don’t forget to subscribe to DFIRScience to get notified when new videos are released.