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This single is informational for digital forensic investigators and first responders. Be aware of the 'USB Killer'. Very basically, it's a USB device that contains a high-voltage capacitor that charges up from the USB power supply, then releases a large charge directly into the USB data bus potentially destroying the motherboard.
USB Killer device from USB Kill [https://www.usbkill.com]
The device itself is made for 'penetration testers' to test the physical security of a system. The device shown is from USB Kill, but such a device would be trivial to create using any USB device and a high-voltage capacitor - like so.

Here are some comments on Reddit about whether a suspect would be liable if the police seize one of these and fry the investigation computer / write blocker.

This device is not to be confused with the USB Kill Switch, that checks if devices are added or removed and shuts the system down. The USB Killer focused on physical damage.

Unfortunately, I've not seen more information on forensic forums about these type of devices. SANS and Forensic Focus have some short articles on it. The device looks like a normal USB stick. Be sure to check any USB devices before imaging.