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Facebook's hacking education platform and capture the flag is now available. See their release single here. Their goal is to educate about different types of web attacks by giving access to CTF infrastructure and letting more groups run hacking competitions. From their github repository:

  • Organize a competition. This can be with as few as two participants, all the way up to several hundred. The participants can be physically present, active online, or a combination of the two.
  • Follow setup instructions below to spin up platform infrastructure.
  • Enter challenges into admin page
  • Have participants register as teams
    • If running a closed competition:
      • In the admin page, generate and export tokens to be shared with approved teams, then point participants towards the registration page
    • If running an open competition:
      • Point participants towards the registration page
  • Enjoy!
I'm playing with it now, but it looks like it will be an amazing resource for students.