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With the KITRI Best of the Best Information security program, we have been developing tools for Law Enforcement to use in the automatic detection of Child Exploitation Material (images). The new code and classifiers will be merged into the imageClassification github repository in the next few days, and you will be able to download and use it for free (FOSS). We also have an Autopsy 3 python module available here. If you use any of them, please lets us know how you got on.

However, during the project we realized we were focusing on helping Law Enforcement, who already have a pretty good idea of what online child exploitation is. We decided to start working with the Korean public to raise awareness about online child exploitation.

The project team (Outc4se) created a presentation about Online Child Exploitation, which was presented at a Seoul Tech Society event, Korea University, the Korean National Police University, and others. The overall reaction from the public (in my opinion) was a sullen interest. Some people wanted to ignore the problem, some people had questions. At the end of the presentation the group demonstrated their image classification project, and tried to give tips about what the public can to do protect themselves, their children and help combat online child exploitation.

Seeing that the general public had little awareness of the problem of child exploitation in general, the group set up a blog (http://bob-safekids.blogspot.kr/) with some basic information about child exploitation, and associated research. We hope to keep adding information that the public can use to understand such a common and dangerous issue.