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Digital Forensic Research Workshop 2015 EU is currently calling for Forensic Challenge proposals.
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Deadline: January 31st, 2015

The DFRWS Conference is soliciting proposals from individuals or teams interested in creating the next DFRWS Forensics Challenge.

The goal of this and past annual challenges is to spur advances in the state of the art in research into forensic tools and techniques. Past challenges have resulted in meaningful progress in memory analysis for Windows and Linux systems, novel approaches to carving files out of unallocated disk space, and techniques for reconstructing data dumped directly from NAND flash chips. By design, DFRWS challenges have resulted in the creation of software that has enriched the analytical arsenal available to the forensic community.

We are seeking 2015 challenge proposals of equal ambition and impact. At the same time, challenges must be multifaceted, consisting of component problems at various levels of difficulty to encourage broader participation and permit their reuse in a variety of settings. Please review prior challenges and solutions singleed at http://www.dfrws.org/archives.shtml for examples. A modest budget is available to meet direct expenses associated with the creation of the challenge.

By creating the challenge, you get to help steer digital forensics research. If you encounter problems that are not solved by the currently available tools, then make it into a challenge. We will give your team full credit on the website and in all challenge promotional efforts.