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Important dates:

  • Submission deadline: February 20, 2013 (any time zone). This is a firm deadline. 
  • Author notification: April 9, 2013 
  • Final draft and speaker registration: April 30, 2013 
  • Conference dates: August 4-7, 2013 

Topics of Interest: 

  • Memory analysis 
  • Filesystem forensics 
  • Incident response and live analysis 
  • Network-based forensics Traffic analysis, traceback and attribution 
  • Event reconstruction methods and tools
  • Application analysis 
  • Embedded and mobile device forensics 
  • Large-scale investigations 
  • Digital evidence storage and preservation 
  • Data mining 
  • Data hiding and discovery 
  • Data recovery and reconstruction 
  • Multimedia analysis 
  • Database forensics 
  • Tool testing and development 
  • Digital evidence and the law 
  • Anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics 
  • Case studies and trend reports 
  • Malware forensics 
  • Data visualization in forensic analysis 
  • Forensics in distributed and virtual environments 
  • Interpersonal communications and social network analysis 
  • Non-traditional approaches to forensic analysis 

The above list is only suggestive. We welcome new, original ideas from people in academia, industry, government, and law enforcement who are interested in sharing their results, knowledge, and experience. Authors are encouraged to demonstrate the applicability of their work to practical issues. Questions about submission topics can be sent via email to: dfrws2013-papers dfrws org