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The UCD CCI Forensic Summer School will be held here in Dublin from 20th-30th August, 2012. This year's topic is the development of Open Source digital forensic laboratories.

You can find additional information on the summer school, including topic list and schedule. General information is available at www.cci.ucd.ie and registration for the event will remain open until Friday 29th June.

To register for this event, please complete the form at http://cci.ucd.ie/content/digital-forensics-summer-school-2012

General topic areas include:

  • Hardware:
    • Computer Evidence Storage
    • Forensic Processing Hardware
  • Software:
    • Triage
    • Preliminary Analysis
    • Full Forensic Analysis
  • Forensic Processes:
    • Child abuse cases
    • Email retrieval 
    • Chat retrieval
    • Fraud/Theft/Counterfeiting
    • Drug Case Examinations 
    • Money Laundering Examinations
  • Reporting on Forensic Examinations: 
    • Formulating a Triage Report 
    • Formulating a Preliminary Analysis Report 
    • Formulating a Full Forensic Report 
  • Exhibit and Case Management: 
    • Managing cases / updating examination results incrementally 
    • Associating exhibits submitted for examination with individual cases 
    • Associating forensic examination reports with cases and exhibits