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The UCD Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation will be hosting a Digital Forensic Summer School for two weeks at the end of August 2012. The theme of the two week course will be "Creating an Open Source Computer Forensics Lab".

The prospectus currently includes topics such as:
  • Computer forensic processes
  • Case management topics and solutions
  • Building low-cost hardware solutions
  • Suspect system triage using open source tools
  • Preliminary analysis using open source tools
  • Full forensic analysis using open source tools
  • Open source forensic frameworks
  • Backup strategies and solutions for digital investigation labs
  • Using processing clusters for forensic tasks
  • Tool validation
  • Forensic reporting

Update: This training is for Law Enforcement only. The event announcement can be found here: http://cci.ucd.ie/content/ucd-cci-digital-forensics-summer-school-2012