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Gearing up for the official Alpha 2 release of REAPER Preview here is the change log and feature list:

  • REAPER Preview no longer loop-mounts suspect drives. All data is parsed directly from the raw disk. This not only faster, but we also do not need to worry about the issues talked about here.
  • Suspect disks are still set to read-only at the block level
  • Back-end is structured in a much more modular way. Programmers could easily insert a certain tool into the work-flow, if necessary
  • Preset automatic keyword searching
  • Preset automatic hashdb searching
  • Whole code re-write. Front-end is now completely modular. Add or remove items with a simple include
  • Triage profiles supported! Will explain the concept of triage profiles in the next single
  • Greatly-improved Image/video gallery from Dynamic Drive implemented. The automatic image gallery I wrote was not powerful enough, and theirs is very nice. (Video previews are currently not working since the back-end switch).
  • Manual file-name and full disk keyword searching now available
  • Improved session logging (non-persistent)