Joshua I. James
by Joshua I. James
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Instructions for using SVN to get the newest version of the REAPER Project:

These instructions are for SVN from a Linux command line, and specifically Debian.

The REAPER forensics project hosted at SourceForge is split in to 5 projects. Do not download the the entire SVN tree unless you want the development version of everything included.

To download the entire SVN:

svn co reaperforensics

To download a particular project from the SVN:

svn co %project_name%

Where %project_name% is the particular one you want:
  • REAPERlive
  • REAPERliveDesktop
  • REAPERlivePreview
  • REAPERview
  • Scripts
Explanation of command:
  • svn - the program to access the svn repository
  • co - "checkout" project
  • - the address of the project (this is the trunk of the project)
  • reaperforensics - this is the local directory to download the project to