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Our group in the Centre for Cybercrime Investigation gave a presentation at the Digital Forensic Workshop 2009. The submitted paper can be found here. Also another paper from Damir Kahvedzic, also from CCI, was accepted. Bam.

Currently it is day 2 of the conference, and just before the "Forensic Rodeo". I don't really know what to expect. The presentations and keynotes so far have been quality. They have given me lots of ideas to apply to my own research, so I guess thats the point, eh?

I think some of the concepts that have been talked about can be applied (in some shape or form) to the REAPER project, but overall the focus of the community (represented via DFRWS) seems to be on distributed forensic systems, and more intelligent ways to represent data. Some automation was talked about, but not really as much as I expected. There was also a tool closed source tool that is similar to OCFA, but I cant find the project page right now. More on that later.